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An overview of all the current student projects.

We are currently looking for several motivated students with a physics, biomedical technology, neuroscience or comparable background for MSc projects or internships. Projects will be centred on (functional) MRI method development and implementation, for instance
  • implementation of fast scanning sequences for fMRI
  • the use of local RF coils for high-resolution fMRI
  • evaluation and validation of techniques for quantitative brain mapping
  • optimisation of sequence parameters for visualisation of subcortical structures
  • design of RF pulses for use in spectroscopy.
Minimum project duration 4 months fulltime, starting times are flexible. Note that the Spinoza Centre staff has no projects available in the areas of clinical and cognitive neuroscience, for opportunities in these fields you might try to contact a relevant affiliated researcher.

For more information about specific projects, please contact Wietske van der Zwaag, Pieter Buur or Irene van Kalleveen