• Position
  • Associate Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Field of interest
  • Visual perception and cognitive neuroscience
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My research aims at understanding and modeling visual information processing and how that leads to instant consciousness, literally in the blink of an eye.

Visual perception and consciousness

Vision at a glance:
Imagine you’re flipping through holiday photo’s on your computer. When a new image pops op, you immediately know what type of scene you are looking at before you experience its details: you literally see the forest before the trees. It is likely that such rapid global scene perception is dependent on differences in the statistical properties of, for instance, beach vs. forest scenes. We have shown that statistics related to the phase and magnitude information of images can be easily calculated by the brain by summating local information. This is in effect a model of information extracted by the early visual system, that can potentially be used for higher-level processing. Currently we are working on models on how higher-level areas perform this task.