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The building

Route description

Getting access

House rules

Opening times

Using a desk



Mailing lists

Spinoza Centre User Meeting (presentations)

Spinoza Centre User Meeting (forum agenda and minutes)*

Using the facilities

Starting a project

Overview of available facilities


Certification for MR safety and MR operator

Safety instruction and evacuation training schedule

List of certified users*

Booking the scanner and cancellation policy

Incidental finding protocol*

MRI screening forms and (example) subject information / informed consent*


MRI costs and contacts for applying for partner hours*

Standard sequences @ 3T*

Data export and deletion policy

Patching the scanners*


Common warnings and error messages*

Application contrast medium protocol*

Peripheral equipment

Stimulus computer

LCD screen

fORP response buttons

Audio system

Eye tracker

Auxilliary EMG, ECG and GSR recordings (BrainAmp)

EEG-fMRI recordings (EGI)

Electrical stimulator


Troubleshooting stimulus equipment

Setting the correct screen layout, resolution and refresh rate on the 3T-stimulus computer


Participant recruitment (Sona)

Spinoza Centre logos*


Using the printer