The software is developed for my own research purposes. I am not a software engineer, so it may contain little problems and may not always be easy to follow. I am confident, however, in the core routines. If you feel that your research may benefit from this software, you can download the code below. For further information, comments or improvements please write me.

pRF Method

The pRF method if a free set of Matlab functions that quantitatively couple fMRI signals with receptive field properties of visual neurons. The method computes a model of the population receptive field (pRF) from responses to a wide range of stimuli and estimates the visual field map as well as other neuronal population properties, such as pRF size and laterality (see also F1000 evaluations by A Hyvärinen and J Trachtenberg).

The code is distributed as part of the VISTA software [repository]. You can find some help in the VISTA lab wiki. We are in the middle of implementing a new open source python version, please stay tuned for more.

Dumoulin SO, Wandell BA (2008) Population receptive field estimates in human visual cortex. NeuroImage. 39(2): 647-660. [pdf]

COBRA (retired)

COBRA is a free set of Matlab functions to segment early visual areas (Cortical Organization and Border Reconstruction of Retinotopic Areas). A volumetric phase-encoded retinotopic mapping technique is used to identify the visual field sign (VFS) of each voxel without the need for an explicit reconstruction of the cortical surface. The surface-normals are taken directly from the anatomical MRI, allowing to segment the early visual areas (V1 up to V3A and hV4).

You can download the latest version here.

Dumoulin SO, Hoge RD, Baker Jr CL, Hess RF, Achtman RL, Evans AC (2003) Automatic volumetric segmentation of human visual retinotopic cortex. NeuroImage. 18(3): 576-587. [pdf]


Copyright © 1998-2007 Serge O. Dumoulin and others.

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