Currently, I teach a biannual course on 'Advanced Topics in Perpection' at Vrije University Amsterdam and I give guest lectures on a voluntary basis.

My position at Utrecht University from 2008 to 2016 entailed 60% teaching, which was reduced when grant funding is available. I taught courses on perception, cognition and neuroscience (all levels); and on statistics, psychophysics and neuroimaging methods (all levels). I taught Bachelor students from Psychology, Artificial Intelligence and University College Utrecht (honours college of Utrecht University). I taught and supervise M.Sc. students from Neuroscience & Cognition, Cognitive Artificial Intelligence and Applied Cognitive Psychology programs.


Students can be involved in fMRI, behavioural and modeling studies. Virtually all projects involve Matlab or Python, so having (or willingness to develop!) a certain affinity with coding helps. For more information please contact me.


Cognitive Neuroscience I [1x] (BSc course)
Cognitive Neuroscience II [3x] (BSc course)
Sensation and Perception [4x] (BSc course)
Imaging Human Brain Functions [6x] (BSc course)
Methods in Perception [2x] (BSc course)
Methods, Techniques and Statistics 3 [6x] (BSc course)
Methods in Artificial Intelligence Research [1x] (BSc course)
Fundamentals of Neuroscience and Cognition [5x] (MSc course)
Advanced Topics in Cognitive Sciences [4x] (MSc course)
Advanced Topics in Perception [2x] (MSc course)
Sensory Systems [4x] (PhD course)


fMRI Data Analysis [5x] (BSc course)
Practicum Cognitive Neurobiological Psychology [8x] (BSc course)
fMRI analysis [1x] (PhD course)

Reference letters

Ask me if I can write a positive reference letter. I will reply honestly. My aim is to write a positive letter, but if I don't know you very well it will be a neutral letter. I will not write negative reference letters.

When asking for a reference letter please remind me what course(s) you took with any details that may help me or information you would like me to include.

Required information:

Please feel free to remind me as the deadline approaches. I will let you know when I have sent it.

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