Brainhack Global

17 February 2017

Brainhack is a unique conference that convenes researchers from myriad disciplines to work together on innovative projects related to neuroscience. Brainhack Global will host several simultaneous events to build a critical mass for the regional Brainhack movement and provide opportunities for inter-Brainhack collaboration.

Brainhack Global: Amsterdam will bring together the local Brainhack community at the Spinoza Centre for three days of intense collaboration around the topics of software development and open neuroscience. The program will be built from the projects, skills, open data and software that the attendees bring to share and explore together. Registration costs €35 and includes coffee, tea and lunch. Capacity is limited to 30 persons.

If you are interested to join, please register as soon as possible here on the event website. Also please send an email to  providing your name, affiliation, research interests, technical skills and project ideas.

While the program is flexible, it is likely to include topics such as high-field MR imaging for neuroscience, laminar analysis in the cortex, subcortical neuroimaging, python coding, various demos with CBS Tools, MIPAV or AFNI, etc. Feel free to contact Pierre-Louis Bazin and/or " data-cke-saved-href="(">Pieter Buur for any additional question.


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