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Research collaborations

The Spinoza Centre for neuroimaging welcomes collaborations seeking imaging solutions to basic, diagnostic and translational breakthrough research in human neuroscience. Public-private partnerships in Neuroscience are to the mutual advantage of all partners involved as the brain is simply too complex to be investigated from a single vantage point. Rather, a combination of experts from various backgrounds and the use of complementary disciplines and technologies will help to advance neuroscience knowledge and its applications towards future CNS therapies.

The mission of the Spinoza Centre is to add value to the neuroscience community -academic, clinical and entrepreneurial neuroscience stakeholders- engaged in the study of the living human brain by offering easy access to state-of-the-art MRI equipment.

The Spinoza Centre hosts clinicians from the nearby academic hospitals involved in psychiatric and neurological disorders, neuroscientists interested in cognition and its disorders, sleep and its disorders, and consciousness as well as pharmacologists involved in the evaluation of pharmacodynamic efficacy in specific brain compartments.

The Spinoza Centre is supporting neuromarketing research, and will be of use to establish target engagement or proof-of-principle data for therapeutic practice or for existing and experimental drugs in healthy volunteers as well as in patient populations. Furthermore, the Spinoza infrastructure itself can be used to innovate data acquisition and data processing methods.

No restrictions

Collaborative opportunities with the Spinoza MRI infrastructure are not restricted to human neuroscience but  extend towards any and all relevant tissues and organs that could benefit from MRI imaging platforms. Last but not least, we also welcome technology-driven proposals for testing and optimizing devices that are to be compatible with strong magnetic fields, data capture and data interpretation solutions.