ISMRM awards

9 June 2023

At the ISMRM Annual Meeting in Toronto, several Spinoza Centre scientists received awards for their presented work or, in one case, for their plan.

Mitra Tavakkoli won the Research Exchange Grant, which she will use to visit the Spinoza Centre and the Amsterdam UMC to work on ‘Recurrent Inference Machine in the application of 3T hyperpolarized 129Xe ventilation MRI and 7T liver proton MRI‘.

Emma Brouwer succesfully pitched her abstract on ‘Proprioceptive engagement in the human cerebellum using 7T-fMRI‘ at the Ultra-High Field Study Group and won the 2nd prize at their business meeting.

Nikos Priovoulos received the Philips Brain Connectivity Award for his work on ‘Isolating the arterial blood volume change to probe fMRI spatial specificity‘.

Congratulations to all!



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