Spinoza supports March for Science

6 April 2017

The Spinoza Centre for Neuroimaging has joined with other scientific societies in partnering with the global March for Science on April 22, to promote science and evidence-based research.. Scientists and science lovers will make their voice heard and call for the support and protection of the scientific community.

A growing movement dismisses scientific facts and even regards them as untrue. Examples are the anti-vaccination movement and the deniers of climate change. The evidence that science has provided in these important issues is being ignored. This is a global problem and will eventually pose a threat to society. Besides that, there are recent international developments in politics and policy obstructing open communication, exchange of ideas and international cooperation.

With this march we hope to raise consciousness for the fact that science and the free exchange of information are essential to all layers of society. Science is everywhere and anti-science policy is harmful to everyone. Science strives to find objective answers and is therefore the fundament of democratic decision making. This is a march to celebrate science and to show together with many others how big her value is.


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