Ilona Bloem

  • Position
  • Postdoctoral fellow
  • Institute
  • Spinoza Centre for Neuroimaging


Ilona is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Spinoza Centre for Neuroimaging where she works in the group of Serge Dumoulin. She received her PhD from Boston University, working with Sam Ling, and did postdoctoral research at New York University, with Jonathan Winawer and Mike Landy. Her research focuses on the neural mechanisms underlying perception and cognition. Broadly, she is interested in how our perception of the world around us can be shaped by cognitive influences, such as attention and working memory. Ilona employs wide range of methods for her research: functional neuroimaging (fMRI and intracranial EEG) to measure brain responses; behavioral psychophysics to measure human behavior; and, computational modeling to link brain and behavior to theoretical models.