Jeroen Siero

  • Position
  • Associate professor Neuroimaging
  • Institute
  • UMC Utrecht

My research is centered around developing and clinically applying high-field MRI techniques that specifically target the cerebrovascular structure and function with exceptional sensitivity and precision. These methods have significant implications for brain imaging in both healthy individuals and those affected by various diseases. In addition to this, I have a strong ambition to enhance the speed and make MRI silent by utilizing ultrasonic gradient coils. The advancements I'm involved in encompass multiple areas, including hardware and physiological MRI acquisition methods, analysis techniques, and the development of biophysical and computational models. The primary focus is on achieving high-resolution and rapid scanning using state-of-the-art hardware such as insert gradient coils. The applications of these innovations are wide-ranging. They include the study of cerebrovascular diseases, stroke, and small vessel disease. Furthermore, these techniques are employed to investigate brain physiology related to perfusion, oxygen metabolism, and neurovascular coupling.