• Position
  • MR physicist for clinical and industrial applications
  • Institute
  • Spinoza Centre for Neuroimaging


After completing degrees in physics and experimental physics at Leiden University, Thijs de Buck obtained a PhD in the physics of “ultra-high field” 7 Tesla MRI at the University of Oxford. His research in Oxford focused on improving neurovascular MRI acquisition and reconstruction methods at 7 Tesla, with the goal of visualizing both very small intracranial vessels and the structure of (pathological) vessel walls. Due to the increased signal strength at ultra-high field strengths, 7 Tesla MRI makes it possible to visualize these structures in more detail than on conventional scanners operating at 1.5 or 3 Tesla. Therefore, 7 Tesla MRI has the potential to provide new insights into neurovascular diseases such as stroke and dementia.

Current position

In 2023, Thijs joined the Spinoza Centre for Neuroimaging at the Amsterdam UMC. The Spinoza Centre houses both a 3 Tesla and a 7 Tesla MRI scanner. In his role as MR physicist for clinical and industrial applications, he aims to assist clinicians and researchers in utilizing benefits of these MRI scanners and their enhanced image quality. Using his experiences in the fundamental development and optimization of 7 Tesla MRI sequences, he aims to provide optimal solutions for users to improve their image quality by integrating 7 Tesla MRI into their work.