House rules

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Note: the house rules are subject to change. Users will be notified via [email protected].


  • Do not lend your badge to someone else.
  • When you are running an experiment (any, not just MRI) with a volunteer at least one BHV-er (emergency response officer) has to be present in the Centre. During office hours (Mon-Fri 9:00 - 17:00), a BHV-trained staff member is present / on call. Outside these hours and on public holidays you have to arrange your own BHV-er or request the presence from the Spinoza staff (generally a scanning assistant, contact [email protected]).


  • Do not restrict doors from closing.
  • Lock the patio doors when you leave the office floor and no one else is around.
  • When you leave a room please switch off the lights and, if applicable, the 'occupied' light.
  • If you are the last person to leave either the ground or upper floor switch off the floor lights.
  • Don't manually close the sliding door, this will cause it to malfunction.
  • If you are working at the Spinoza outside office hours, please inform AMC security [call 88 on internal phone] that you are in the building. Also let them know when you leave.
  • The toilets in the dressing room next to the scanners is intended for use by disabled people only. Please use the toilets around the corner.
  • Do not shower in the dressing room next to the scanner. The shower head is intended for washing your hair which can be done above the basin.
  • Do not leave boxes or equipment on the floor. The floor has to be cleared.
  • When someone rings the doorbell:
    • ask for their name and reason for requesting entrance.
    • contact the person they have an appointment with.


MRI (control) rooms

  • MR safety certification is required to gain access to the scanner rooms. Alternatively you should arrange to be accompanied by someone with an MR safety certificate.
  • Only people with MR operator certification are allowed to scan.
  • Do not unneccessarily enter the control rooms while other researchers are scanning.
  • Visitors are required to fill in the visitor screening form before entering the MRI (control) rooms. Only MR safety certified people are allowed to perform the screening.


  • When scanning patients and/or populations with an increased risk of medical emergencies, and when scanning outside opening times, you should scan with a minimum of two persons.
  • If a participant/patient is accompanied by family members or friends, they should wait in the waiting room. They are not allowed in the control room. Exceptions can be made if the subject are not (fully) competent ('wilsbekwaam').
  • Report scanner errors in the log book (in English please, include date and time), also if you have already encountered an error previously! If possible make a screen shot and save it to E:\Export\errors (using MS Paint).
  • Don't unneccesarily change peripheral equipment settings, revert settings to default after finishing your experiment. This includes audio/headphone settings!
  • Don't schedule an EEG-fMRI experiment on the day of or after Philips maintenance.
  • Do not eat at the scanner console.
  • Take completed screening forms with you, the Spinoza does not archive these and will dispose of them.

After scanning

  • Leave the scanner room clean and prepared for the next experiment.
  • Switch off the stimulus equipment.
  • Lock the scanner room and place the key in the locker when you leave the scanner room, or hand it to the MR operator responsible for the next experiment.

When you are the last person scanning for the day

  • Unplug the head coil of the 3T scanner and place the caps on the plugs.
  • Leave the top part of the 3T coil attached to the bottom part (to prevent dust getting into the connections).
  • Keep the 3T bed in the highest position (this prevents heating of the electronics in the table).
  • Log off from the scanner computer but leave it switched on.
  • Switch off the lights in the scanner and control rooms.