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Spinoza Centre User Meeting schedule

Meetings are on Tuesdays at 16.00h unless explicitly mentioned otherwise. Drinks will follow after the meeting. See below for speaker information.

Date Speaker Title
3-7-2018 Bas Rokers (University of Wisconsin - Madison, USA) Towards neural markers for perceptual disorders

Speaker information

  • Keep in mind that the audience is diverse, ranging from MR physicists to psychologists and medical doctors. Most people have a background in neuroscience.
  • A good presentation length is 30-45 minutes to allow for discussion afterwards.
  • Presentations are shown on an LCD screen (ratio 16:9) via a USB wifi dongle.
  • A laser pointer doesn't work on the screen

Past meetings

Date Speaker Title
19-6-2018 NO SUM HBM & ISMRM conference
12-6-2018 Matthan Caan (AMC/SC) MPRAGE-ME: T1, T2* and QSM mapping in one sequence at 7T
5-6-2018 Matthew Self (NIN) The influence of attention and reward on the learning of stimulus-response associations
29-5-2018 Bram Coolen (AMC) Double-DANTE: a novel sequence for intracranial vessel-wall MRI
22-5-2018 Linda Douw (VUmc) The multimodal brain (MuMoBrain): exploring the cognitive correlates of connectomics across modalities
15-5-2018 Jelle van Dijk (SC) Laminar fMRI
8-5-2018 Erwin Krikken (UMCU) CEST in the breast
17-4-2018 Icaro Oliveira Integrated fMRI methods to study human brain organization at laminar and columnar level
24-4-2018 Sophie Lijdsman (AMC) CANCELLED!
1-5-2018 Xin Yu (Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics) How can astrocytes regulate BOLD signals at varied brain states?
10-4-2018 Rajat Thomas (AMC) Deep learning for neuroimaging
3-4-2018 Henk-Jan Mutsaerts (AMC/VUmc) ExploreASL toolbox
27-3-2018 Maarten Bot (AMC) Defining optimal deep brain stimulation targets using 7T
20-3-2018 Maik Derksen & Gabry Mies (UvA) Unraveling adolescent resilience to alcohol: A parallel fMRI study in humans and rats
13-3-2018 Tomas Knapen (SC) fMRI prep - an automated preprocessing pipeline - explanation and demo
6-3-2018 Hilde Huizinga & Jacqueline Zadelaar (UvA) A combined behavior and fMRI analysis of inter-individual differences in decision making
27-2-2018 Chiara Bozzacchi (NIN) The use of EEG to investigate action prediction
20-2-2018 No SUM
13-2-2018 Tomas Knapen (SC) Retinotopic deactivations in the default network
6-2-2018 Pierre Gianferrara (VU) Integrating memories: How congruency and reactivation aid integration of old and new memories
30-1-2018 Chris Klink (NIN) Translational Neuroimaging in Non-human Primates
23-1-2018 No SUM
16-1-2018 Sara Jahfari (SC) Perceptual learning as support for the bias in future value-driven decisions?
9-1-2018 Steven Scholte (UvA) Fantastic DNimals and where to find them.
2-1-2018 NO SUM Christmas break
26-12-2017 NO SUM Christmas break
19-12-2017 Valeria Gazzola (NIN)
12-12-2017 Monja Hoven (AMC) The neural signature of incentives effects on confidence
05-12-2017 Melissa Hooijmans (AMC) Quantitative MR in dystrophic muscle
28-11-2017 Reubs Walsh & Mariet van Buuren (VU) Social cognition, social networks and the adolescent brain
21-11-2017 Roos Jutten (VUMC) Developing a measure for progression in early dementia: The Capturing Changes in Cognition (Catch-Cog) study
14-11-2017 Casey Paquola (NIN) Structural networks linking childhood adversity to adulthood insomnia
07-11-2017 Alessio Fracasso (SC) Capitalizing on increased SNR at ultra-high field MRI: a focus on sensory and systems neuroscience
31-10-2017 Ben Harvey (UMCU) Imaging responses to quantities in the human brain
24-10-2017 Eva Leemans (AMC) IMPRES: IMproving risk PREdiction of intracranial aneurysmS - The association between aneurysmal growth and the vessel wall.
17-10-2017 Antonia Kaiser (AMC/UvA) Effects of cardiovascular fitness on hippocampal volume & vasculature in young adults
10-10-2017 Debra Rivera (MRCoils/SC) MR hardware technology adaptation to meet your needs
03-10-2017 Lukas Gottwald (AMC) Compressed Sensing accelerated 4D flow MRI in the Circle of Willis
26-09-2017 Renée Schluter (AMC) Advancing addiction using repetitive TMS - study design
19-09-2017 NO SUM - farewell Pieter Buur
12-09-2017 Serge Dumoulin (SC) Research at the Spinoza Centre for Neuroimaging
29-08-2017 Kai Lønning (UvA) A complex-valued Recurrent Inference Machine for accelerated MRI reconstruction
15-08-2017 Bas Rokers (University of Wisconsin - Madison, USA) The neuro-anatomical consequences of prolonged abnormal sensory input due to visual disorders
20-06-2017 Tessa van Doesum (SC) The Role of the Cerebellum in SensoriMotor Synchronisation
13-06-2017 Paul Rignanese and Marlieke van Kesteren (VU)
Lianne Reus, Ilja Saris and Moji Aghajani (VUmc)
Integrating memories: Exploring knowledge integration enhancement at the intersection of education and neuroscience
Similarities and differences in neural correlates of social withdrawal in schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease and depression
23-05-2017 Wynn Legon (University of Minnesota) Neuromodulation with transcranial focused ultrasound
02-05-2017 Ruth van Holst (AMC / Donders Institute, Nijmegen) Data quality check
18-04-2017 Luka Liebrand Diffusion tensor imaging
11-04-2017 Jeroen Siero (SC, UMCU) Laminar fMRI: what can the time domain tell us?
21-03-2017 Anouk Schrantee Resting-State fMRI analysis
14-03-2017 Julia Huntenburg (MPI Leipzig) A Systematic Relationship Between Functional Connectivity and Intracortical Myelin in the Human Cerebral Cortex
28-02-2017 Guido van Wingen (AMC, Psychiatry) Advanced Issues with 2nd-level Analysis
21-02-2017 Alessio Fracasso (SC, UMCU) 7T MRI laminar imaging pipelines
14-02-2017 Akhil Edadan, Chiara Bozzacchi fMRI for Dummies: Issues with Analysis & Interpretation
31-01-2017 Jeanne Leerssen & Chiara Bozzacchi fMRI for Dummies - Issues with Analysis & Interpretation
24-01-2017 Aymen Ayaz Compressed Sensing: a promise for fast laminar imaging?
17-01-2017 Anouk van der Straten & Rosanne Govaart fMRI for Dummies - Study Design and Efficiency
03-01-2017 Renée Schluter & Michelle de Haan fMRI for Dummies - 2nd level analysis: between-subject analysis
20-12-2016 Katy van Galen & Akhil Edadan fMRI for Dummies - 1st level analysis: basis functions, parametric modulation and correlated regressors
06-12-2016 Paul Zhutovsky & Jelle van Dijk fMRI for Dummies - 1st level analysis: design matrix, contrasts, General Linear Modelling
22-11-2016 Carlien Roelofzen & Michelle Solleveld fMRI for Dummies - T-tests, Anovas and Regression
15-11-2016 Jeroen Siero fMRI for Dummies - Basis of the BOLD signal
25-10-2016 Casey Paquola & Oti Lakbila-Kamal fMRI for Dummies - Preprocessing: coregistration and spatial normalization
11-10-2016 Karina Borja & Wieke van Leeuwen fMRI for Dummies - Preprocessing: realigning and unwarping
04-10-2016 Alyssa Brewer (UC Irvine, USA) Cortical and Behavioral Visual Plasticity in Human: Adapting to Reversed Visual Input
Brian Barton (UC Irvine, USA) fMRI of the rod scotoma: cortical rod pathways and implications for lesion measurements
27-9-2016 Tim van Timmeren (AMC, Psychiatry) fMRI for Dummies - Introduction
13-09-2016 Steven Scholte (UvA) / Guido van Wingen (FMG) Cluster failure in functional MRI?
19-07-2016 Ritu Bhandari (NIN) Evaluation of Multiband EPI for Task-based fMRI
12-07-2016 Bas Rokers (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Direction of binocular motion decoded from human visual cortex
05-07-2016 Peter de Best (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) What we may learn about optic neuritis recovery from the changes in visual cortex population receptive field size
21-06-2016 Dora Hermes (NYU) Neuronal synchrony and the relation between the BOLD response and the local field potential in human visual cortex
(note: lecture organized by and located at NIN!)
14-06-2016 Matthan Caan (AMC/SC) Compressed Sensing: the Need for Speed at 7T
31-05-2016 Dimo Ivanov (Maastricht University) Developments and applications of quantitative functional and anatomical MRI at 7T
24-05-2016 Martijn Barendregt (UMC Utrecht) Probing the cyclopean view of the world in human visual cortex
03-05-2016 Luka Liebrand (AMC) Diffusion-weighted-MRI-guided Nucleus Accumbens Deep Brain Stimulation?
26-04-2016 Tomas Knapen (VU) Negligible fronto-parietal BOLD activity accompanying unreportable switches in bistable perception
19-04-2016 Stefania Ferri / Guy Orban (University of Parma, Italy) Processing of observed actions in human Posterior Parietal Cortex
05-04-2016 Irene van Kalleveen (AMC/Spinoza) Phosphorus spectroscopy in the liver at 7 Tesla
08-03-2016 Peter Kok (Donders Institute, Nijmegen) Selective activation of the deep layers of the human primary visual cortex by top-down feedback
01-03-2016 Jeroen Siero (UMC Utrecht, soon also SC) Investigations of neurovascular coupling and vessel reactivity at 7T
23-02-2016 Marcel van Gerven (Radboud University, Nijmegen) Probing cortical representations with deep neural networks
(note: seminar organized by and located at NIN!)
16-02-2016 Rasim Boyacioglu (Donders Institute, Nijmegen) Fast acquisitions for (f)MRI
09-02-2016 Wietske van der Zwaag and Pieter Buur (SC) Current developments at the Spinoza 7T
02-02-2016 Daniel Gallichan (EPFL, Lausanne) Imaging the brain at ultra-high resolution using 3D fat navigators (FatNavs)
26-01-2016 Collin Turbyne (AMC) The use of virtual and augmented reality in neuroscience
05-01-2016 [15.00h!] Serge Dumoulin (SC) Visual neuroscience at 7T
12-01-2016 Anouk Schrantee (AMC, Radiology) The effect of exercise on neurogenesis, angiogenesis & cognition
24-11-2015 Mael Lebreton (UvA) Assessing inter-individual variability in brain-behavior relationship with functional neuroimaging
17-11-2015 Nico van den Berg (UMC Utrecht) MRSTAT: a 21st century solution to MRI.
26-10-2015 Pierre-Louis Bazin (MPI Leipzig) High resolution MR imaging of the human brain at 7 Tesla: promises for neuroscience, challenges for image computing
23-06-2015 Caroline Figueroa
16-06-2015 Martijn Mulder
02-06-2015 Renée Visser “Optimizing study designs for single-trial multi-voxel pattern analysis: a systematic comparison”
19-5-2015 Tim van Timmeren Project proposal "Addiction: from goal-directed towards habitual control"