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Spinoza Centre User Meeting schedule

Meetings are on Tuesdays at 16.00h unless explicitly mentioned otherwise. Drinks will follow after the meeting. See below for speaker information.

Date Speaker Title Host
17-09-2019 David Norris (Radboud University) Theory and Application of Simultaneous Multi-Slice Techniques to Neuroimaging Wietske
08-10-2019 3pm Patricia Figueiredo (IST) fMRI functional connectivity dynamics: EEG signatures Wietske
03-03-2020 Tessa van de Lindt (NKI) TBD Wietske

Speaker information

  • Keep in mind that the audience is diverse, ranging from MR physicists to psychologists and medical doctors. Most people have a background in neuroscience.
  • A good presentation length is 30-45 minutes to allow for discussion afterwards.
  • Presentations are shown on an LCD screen (ratio 16:9) via a USB wifi dongle.
  • A laser pointer doesn't work on the screen

Past meetings

Date Speaker Title
02-07-2019 Sara Laros 2D Simultaneous Multi-Slice and 3D standard EPI at ultra-high field strengths: what sequence performs the best? Wietske
04-06-2019 Gilles de Hollander TBA Tomas
24-06-2019 Alex Bhogal (UMCU) Combining hemodynamic and metabolic imaging: the missing link? Serge
09-04-2019 Kalliopi Ioumpa (NIN) Obeying orders reduces vicarious brain activation towards victims’ pain
02-04-2019 Joe Bathelt (University of Amsterdam) Why is this so difficult for me? Investigating the neurobiological mechanisms of variation in cognitive development
26-03-2019 Klaartje Heinen (Utrecht University) From working- to long-term visual memory
19-03-2019 Alard Roebroeck (Maastricht University) Mapping human cortical architecture and white matter microstructure with MRI and light sheet microscopy
12-03-2019 Federico de Martino (Maastricht University) Mapping the human auditory pathway: Computational models and UHF MRI
05-03-2019 Matthias van Osch (Leiden UMC) MRI of microvascular structure and functioning
26-02-2019 Alexander Leemans (Utrecht University) Processing and analysis of diffusion MRI data to study brain connectivity
05-02-2019 Thomas Roos MultiX for Dummies
29-01-2019 Joey Castro Quantitative quality assessment of motion correction using FatNavs
22-01-2019 Benedikt Poser (Maastricht University) Parallel transmission for neuroimaging at 7 and 9.4 Tesla - Implementation and practical considerations
18-12-2018 NO SUM NO SUM
11-12-2018 Jannie Wijnen (UMC Utrecht) TBA
4-12-2018 NO SUM NO SUM
27-11-2018 NO SUM NO SUM
20-11-2018 Hans op de Beeck The human visual system is not a general-purpose object recognition machine: Evidence from neuroimaging and neural networks
13-11-2018 Daan van Es Retinotopic Organization in the Human Cerebellum
06-11-2018 NO SUM NO SUM
30-10-2018 Koen Haak Understanding brain-behaviour relationships using connectopic mapping and spatial statistical modelling
23-10-2018 NO SUM NO SUM
16-10-2018 Bob van Hoek Accelerated MRI Reconstruction with simulated lesions using a Recurrent Inference Machine
25-9-2018 Dimitrios Karkalousos Deep learning based image reconstruction: Optimizing a Recurrent Inference Machine for Accelerated MRI Reconstruction
18-9-2018 Natalia Petridou From blood to neuron; how close can we get with BOLD fMRI at 7T
3-7-2018 Bas Rokers (University of Wisconsin - Madison, USA) Towards neural markers for perceptual disorders
19-6-2018 NO SUM HBM & ISMRM conference
12-6-2018 Matthan Caan (AMC/SC) MPRAGE-ME: T1, T2* and QSM mapping in one sequence at 7T
5-6-2018 Matthew Self (NIN) The influence of attention and reward on the learning of stimulus-response associations
29-5-2018 Bram Coolen (AMC) Double-DANTE: a novel sequence for intracranial vessel-wall MRI
22-5-2018 Linda Douw (VUmc) The multimodal brain (MuMoBrain): exploring the cognitive correlates of connectomics across modalities
15-5-2018 Jelle van Dijk (SC) Laminar fMRI
8-5-2018 Erwin Krikken (UMCU) CEST in the breast
17-4-2018 Icaro Oliveira Integrated fMRI methods to study human brain organization at laminar and columnar level
24-4-2018 Sophie Lijdsman (AMC) CANCELLED!
1-5-2018 Xin Yu (Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics) How can astrocytes regulate BOLD signals at varied brain states?
10-4-2018 Rajat Thomas (AMC) Deep learning for neuroimaging
3-4-2018 Henk-Jan Mutsaerts (AMC/VUmc) ExploreASL toolbox
27-3-2018 Maarten Bot (AMC) Defining optimal deep brain stimulation targets using 7T
20-3-2018 Maik Derksen & Gabry Mies (UvA) Unraveling adolescent resilience to alcohol: A parallel fMRI study in humans and rats
13-3-2018 Tomas Knapen (SC) fMRI prep - an automated preprocessing pipeline - explanation and demo
6-3-2018 Hilde Huizinga & Jacqueline Zadelaar (UvA) A combined behavior and fMRI analysis of inter-individual differences in decision making
27-2-2018 Chiara Bozzacchi (NIN) The use of EEG to investigate action prediction
20-2-2018 No SUM
13-2-2018 Tomas Knapen (SC) Retinotopic deactivations in the default network
6-2-2018 Pierre Gianferrara (VU) Integrating memories: How congruency and reactivation aid integration of old and new memories
30-1-2018 Chris Klink (NIN) Translational Neuroimaging in Non-human Primates
23-1-2018 No SUM
16-1-2018 Sara Jahfari (SC) Perceptual learning as support for the bias in future value-driven decisions?
9-1-2018 Steven Scholte (UvA) Fantastic DNimals and where to find them.
2-1-2018 NO SUM Christmas break
26-12-2017 NO SUM Christmas break
19-12-2017 Valeria Gazzola (NIN)
12-12-2017 Monja Hoven (AMC) The neural signature of incentives effects on confidence
05-12-2017 Melissa Hooijmans (AMC) Quantitative MR in dystrophic muscle
28-11-2017 Reubs Walsh & Mariet van Buuren (VU) Social cognition, social networks and the adolescent brain
21-11-2017 Roos Jutten (VUMC) Developing a measure for progression in early dementia: The Capturing Changes in Cognition (Catch-Cog) study
14-11-2017 Casey Paquola (NIN) Structural networks linking childhood adversity to adulthood insomnia
07-11-2017 Alessio Fracasso (SC) Capitalizing on increased SNR at ultra-high field MRI: a focus on sensory and systems neuroscience
31-10-2017 Ben Harvey (UMCU) Imaging responses to quantities in the human brain
24-10-2017 Eva Leemans (AMC) IMPRES: IMproving risk PREdiction of intracranial aneurysmS - The association between aneurysmal growth and the vessel wall.
17-10-2017 Antonia Kaiser (AMC/UvA) Effects of cardiovascular fitness on hippocampal volume & vasculature in young adults
10-10-2017 Debra Rivera (MRCoils/SC) MR hardware technology adaptation to meet your needs
03-10-2017 Lukas Gottwald (AMC) Compressed Sensing accelerated 4D flow MRI in the Circle of Willis
26-09-2017 Renée Schluter (AMC) Advancing addiction using repetitive TMS - study design
19-09-2017 NO SUM - farewell Pieter Buur
12-09-2017 Serge Dumoulin (SC) Research at the Spinoza Centre for Neuroimaging
29-08-2017 Kai Lønning (UvA) A complex-valued Recurrent Inference Machine for accelerated MRI reconstruction
15-08-2017 Bas Rokers (University of Wisconsin - Madison, USA) The neuro-anatomical consequences of prolonged abnormal sensory input due to visual disorders
20-06-2017 Tessa van Doesum (SC) The Role of the Cerebellum in SensoriMotor Synchronisation
13-06-2017 Paul Rignanese and Marlieke van Kesteren (VU)
Lianne Reus, Ilja Saris and Moji Aghajani (VUmc)
Integrating memories: Exploring knowledge integration enhancement at the intersection of education and neuroscience
Similarities and differences in neural correlates of social withdrawal in schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease and depression
23-05-2017 Wynn Legon (University of Minnesota) Neuromodulation with transcranial focused ultrasound
02-05-2017 Ruth van Holst (AMC / Donders Institute, Nijmegen) Data quality check
18-04-2017 Luka Liebrand Diffusion tensor imaging
11-04-2017 Jeroen Siero (SC, UMCU) Laminar fMRI: what can the time domain tell us?
21-03-2017 Anouk Schrantee Resting-State fMRI analysis
14-03-2017 Julia Huntenburg (MPI Leipzig) A Systematic Relationship Between Functional Connectivity and Intracortical Myelin in the Human Cerebral Cortex
28-02-2017 Guido van Wingen (AMC, Psychiatry) Advanced Issues with 2nd-level Analysis
21-02-2017 Alessio Fracasso (SC, UMCU) 7T MRI laminar imaging pipelines
14-02-2017 Akhil Edadan, Chiara Bozzacchi fMRI for Dummies: Issues with Analysis & Interpretation
31-01-2017 Jeanne Leerssen & Chiara Bozzacchi fMRI for Dummies - Issues with Analysis & Interpretation
24-01-2017 Aymen Ayaz Compressed Sensing: a promise for fast laminar imaging?
17-01-2017 Anouk van der Straten & Rosanne Govaart fMRI for Dummies - Study Design and Efficiency
03-01-2017 Renée Schluter & Michelle de Haan fMRI for Dummies - 2nd level analysis: between-subject analysis
20-12-2016 Katy van Galen & Akhil Edadan fMRI for Dummies - 1st level analysis: basis functions, parametric modulation and correlated regressors
06-12-2016 Paul Zhutovsky & Jelle van Dijk fMRI for Dummies - 1st level analysis: design matrix, contrasts, General Linear Modelling
22-11-2016 Carlien Roelofzen & Michelle Solleveld fMRI for Dummies - T-tests, Anovas and Regression
15-11-2016 Jeroen Siero fMRI for Dummies - Basis of the BOLD signal
25-10-2016 Casey Paquola & Oti Lakbila-Kamal fMRI for Dummies - Preprocessing: coregistration and spatial normalization
11-10-2016 Karina Borja & Wieke van Leeuwen fMRI for Dummies - Preprocessing: realigning and unwarping
04-10-2016 Alyssa Brewer (UC Irvine, USA) Cortical and Behavioral Visual Plasticity in Human: Adapting to Reversed Visual Input
Brian Barton (UC Irvine, USA) fMRI of the rod scotoma: cortical rod pathways and implications for lesion measurements
27-9-2016 Tim van Timmeren (AMC, Psychiatry) fMRI for Dummies - Introduction
13-09-2016 Steven Scholte (UvA) / Guido van Wingen (FMG) Cluster failure in functional MRI?
19-07-2016 Ritu Bhandari (NIN) Evaluation of Multiband EPI for Task-based fMRI
12-07-2016 Bas Rokers (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Direction of binocular motion decoded from human visual cortex
05-07-2016 Peter de Best (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) What we may learn about optic neuritis recovery from the changes in visual cortex population receptive field size
21-06-2016 Dora Hermes (NYU) Neuronal synchrony and the relation between the BOLD response and the local field potential in human visual cortex
(note: lecture organized by and located at NIN!)
14-06-2016 Matthan Caan (AMC/SC) Compressed Sensing: the Need for Speed at 7T
31-05-2016 Dimo Ivanov (Maastricht University) Developments and applications of quantitative functional and anatomical MRI at 7T
24-05-2016 Martijn Barendregt (UMC Utrecht) Probing the cyclopean view of the world in human visual cortex
03-05-2016 Luka Liebrand (AMC) Diffusion-weighted-MRI-guided Nucleus Accumbens Deep Brain Stimulation?
26-04-2016 Tomas Knapen (VU) Negligible fronto-parietal BOLD activity accompanying unreportable switches in bistable perception
19-04-2016 Stefania Ferri / Guy Orban (University of Parma, Italy) Processing of observed actions in human Posterior Parietal Cortex
05-04-2016 Irene van Kalleveen (AMC/Spinoza) Phosphorus spectroscopy in the liver at 7 Tesla
08-03-2016 Peter Kok (Donders Institute, Nijmegen) Selective activation of the deep layers of the human primary visual cortex by top-down feedback
01-03-2016 Jeroen Siero (UMC Utrecht, soon also SC) Investigations of neurovascular coupling and vessel reactivity at 7T
23-02-2016 Marcel van Gerven (Radboud University, Nijmegen) Probing cortical representations with deep neural networks
(note: seminar organized by and located at NIN!)
16-02-2016 Rasim Boyacioglu (Donders Institute, Nijmegen) Fast acquisitions for (f)MRI
09-02-2016 Wietske van der Zwaag and Pieter Buur (SC) Current developments at the Spinoza 7T
02-02-2016 Daniel Gallichan (EPFL, Lausanne) Imaging the brain at ultra-high resolution using 3D fat navigators (FatNavs)
26-01-2016 Collin Turbyne (AMC) The use of virtual and augmented reality in neuroscience
05-01-2016 [15.00h!] Serge Dumoulin (SC) Visual neuroscience at 7T
12-01-2016 Anouk Schrantee (AMC, Radiology) The effect of exercise on neurogenesis, angiogenesis & cognition
24-11-2015 Mael Lebreton (UvA) Assessing inter-individual variability in brain-behavior relationship with functional neuroimaging
17-11-2015 Nico van den Berg (UMC Utrecht) MRSTAT: a 21st century solution to MRI.
26-10-2015 Pierre-Louis Bazin (MPI Leipzig) High resolution MR imaging of the human brain at 7 Tesla: promises for neuroscience, challenges for image computing
23-06-2015 Caroline Figueroa
16-06-2015 Martijn Mulder
02-06-2015 Renée Visser “Optimizing study designs for single-trial multi-voxel pattern analysis: a systematic comparison”
19-5-2015 Tim van Timmeren Project proposal "Addiction: from goal-directed towards habitual control"