Nikos Priovoulos

  • Position
  • Postdoctoral fellow
  • Institute
  • Spinoza Centre for Neuroimaging

Research statement

I am a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) physicist and neuroscientist and I want to advance our understanding of the human brain in health and disease. Ultra-high field scanners (7T) allows studying the human brain at unprecedented resolution. My research focuses on developing 7T MRI to characterise the brain structure quantitatively, in-vivo and in high-resolution.

In 2022, I received an Amsterdam Brain and Cognition Talent grant and a NWO XS grant to develop methods to resolve and quantify particularly-fine brain structures, such as the cerebellum.

More info? Watch my video's:

Submillimeter Arterial Blood Contrast fMRI at 7T

Combining Arterial Blood Contrast with BOLD improves fMRI laminar specificity