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Before you can book time on the scanners, you first need an approved project as well as a designated MR operator (by 'bringing your own' or arranging scanning assistance).


To use scanner time as efficiently as possible, please take into account the following when booking slots:

  • Make new bookings adjacent to existing bookings (unless there are no bookings yet).
  • If you scan in the morning or late afternoon, please try to start at 9.00h or finish at 17.00h.
  • BHV/ERO support for scanning is available during opening hours. You can request support outside these times via
  • If you make a booking, always indicate who will be MR operator in the 'Summary' field, also when you will act as operator yourself. See below for details on arranging scanning assistance from a Spinoza staff MR operator.
  • If you book pilot time, make sure to indicate this in the 'Summary' field by including the keyword 'pilot'(after talking to Diederick).
  • For 7T:
    • please indicate in the 'Summary' field which host you are using (classic or multix).

Bookings are checked against the conditions and can be rejected by the SC staff. If you believe you can't reasonably take these conditions into account get in touch with Trijntje.

Cancellations at 3T

  • Bookings can be cancelled without cost up to two weeks prior to the booking.
  • Bookings cancelled between 14 and 7 days of the booking are charged for 50% of the booked time.
  • Bookings cancelled within 7 days of the booking are fully charged.
  • Cancelled time that is subsequently reserved by other users will not be charged. You can announce the available time via the sc3tusers or sc7tusers mailing list.

Cancellations at 7T

  • Bookings are not charged if they are cancelled prior to the day on which the slot is booked.

Technical issues

Sometimes scanning time is lost due to (unforeseen) issues with the scanners and/or peripheral equipment. In case this happens (apart from contact Spinoza staff to solve the issues) send an email Trijntje and the hours will not be booked on the project. Note that subject cancellations and no-shows are a risk of the researcher and not the Centre.

Booking system

  • Booking site
  • The booking agenda has separate schedules for
    • 3T and 3T testing room (can be reserved independently)
    • 7T and 7T testing room (can be reserved independently)
    • TMS lab
    • mock scanner
    • meeting room
  • Access to the different schedules is user specific based on active projects.
  • Bookings are approved periodically by the SC staff.

Scanning assistance

  • The Spinoza Centre can provide (incidental or structural) scanning assistance and/or BHV/ERO support for your project. For general questions on the subject you can contact Trijntje. Actual requests for scanning assistance should be sent to
  • As of February 19 2018, scanning assistance will be available by default on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 9.00-17.00h. However, it is still desirable to inquire in advance by sending a mail to This to prevent double bookings of assistance for 3T and 7T at the same time. Requests on other days will only be honored in exceptional cases.
  • You can also request BHV/ERO support outside opening times via